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Device Status

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2013 06:45PM CET

Status Configuration

On the Ekinox, you have to check the status output is enabled (at the frequency of your choice):

Status panel

All the status are shown through the web interface:

Status definition


These fundamental status should be "OK" at all time, in case of trouble they should always be checked first.
  • Power status on General, IMU and GPS: Let you know if one of these element has a problem on power supply
  • Settings: Last settings could not be properly loaded, settings by default are used instead.
  • Temperature: Temperature is out of the specified range [-40 +75] °C
  • Data Logger: Wrong when data logger is not able to log anymore (for instance it is full)



  • Communication: Shows if communication is possible between the processing unit and IMU
  • Built In test: Constantly checks if the IMU is fully working or not.


Shows if the accelerometers and gyroscopes are properly initialized at start and if they are out of measurement range.


Show if a GPS solution is found, the type gives an idea of the accuracy we can expect.

On the position, the possible types are:

  • No Solution
  • Single Point
  • Differential
  • RTK Float
  • RTK Int
On the velocity, the possible types are:
  • No Solution
  • Doppler


Shows if the heave can be correctly computed. It will go wrong when a solution can not be found (for instance the heave period is too long). If a too high step is done, this status can go wrong for a short duration.


Here are the status of the magnetometer, which can be external or internal. In case an external magnetometer is used with its own accelerometers, we have the status of the accelerometers displayed here. In case the internal magnetometers are used, the accelerometers are the internal ones.

A magnetometer module must be enabled to get these status fields displayed.

Aiding Inputs

Shows which aiding equipment is connected and provides valid data. This is the first thing to verify when connecting an external device to the Ekinox in order to see if connection and protocol are valid and received.


Shows the solution mode (also available on the main screen), this can be:

  • Vertical gyro: only roll and pitch are computed
  • AHRS: Roll, pitch and heading are computed
  • Nav Velocity: Limited navigation data are available (no absolute position is available).
  • Nav Position: Navigation data are available
In addition to the computation mode, the "Solution" field also shows which aiding input is used in the Kalman filter. It its also important to check this to verify if the Kalman filter correctly uses all aiding equipment.


Shows the status of each port. Even when closed, "receive" and "transmit" status should be green, otherwise contact technical support.


This status shows if we have a valid input signal to synchronize the Ekinox internal clock on. Then it shows if the clock is aligned. At start it may take some time for the clock to be synchronized. The Clock Alignment status displays "Steering" unitl the flag goes valid.

We also have a status on the UTC information that are received, and if the Ekinox is able to synchronize on it.

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