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Connection to the IG-500

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2013 06:45PM CET
When launching the sbgCenter, you can press the "refresh" button. You will then see the connected IG devices in the device list on the left. If this is not the case you can check two things:

sbgCenter configuration

Serial devices

Get into the "sbgCenter options" then check if you have the correct baudrate ticked. If you are not using the provided UsbToUart, you should untick the box "List only SBG Systems UsbToUart devices".

CAN Devices

You need to make sure you have the correct settings in order to detect your device, as showed in the next picture.

In the sbgCenter configuration, go in Devices Option, then select the igCanPlugin from the scroll menu.

You can then select CAN interfaces and add a new device with a speed of 1 Mbit/s.

If you changed the CAN messages IDs used by the IG-Device, please make sure that you entered correct IDs in this configuration window.

Connection test with sbgFirmwareUpdater

If the connection with the sbgCenter still does'nt work, then you should try communicating using the sbgFirmwareUpdater tool. It uses a lower level communication that may work even if the sbgCenter cannot find your sensor.

Try connecting with the sbgFirmwareUpdater with the provided UsbToUart to see if the device is recognized.

If this worked, then you probably have a problem with the device settings. It can be an output buffer overflow, that usually happens if you set to many outputs with a to high frequency for an insufficient baudrate.

In order to solve it, a reset of the settings to the default one will be necessary, ask the support team to send you a tool for this purpose.

If the connection is not possible with the sbgFirmwareUpdater by using the provided UsbToUart, please contact the technical support.

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