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How to check the status?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2016 04:00PM CET

Status Configuration

The System Status frame should be enabled to receive the General, Aiding Inputs, and Interfaces status.
One of the EKF frame should be enabled to receive the Solution status.
The Inertial Data frame should be enabled to receive the Sensors status

Status Definition


Check the Inertial Unit internal parts are functional

These are the most critical status, the sensor won't work properly if one of them is not ok:
  • Power status on Main, IMU, and GNSS let you know if one of these components is not properly power supplied.
  • Settings: Not ok if the last settings could not be properly loaded, settings by default are used instead.
  • Temperature: Shows if the internal temperature is out of the specified range [-40 +85] °C.
  • CPU: Shows if the internal processor is overloaded.


Solution Status

Check the Kalman filter is using all available aidings

These status show which aiding input is used by the inertial unit in real time.
  • Solution Mode: Inertial unit will be in one of these modes:
    • Vertical Gyro =  Roll, Pitch, and Heave. Unit starts in this mode.
    • AHRS = Vertical Gyro + Heading.
    • Full Navugation = AHRS + GNSS
  • Alignment Status: Tells the warm-up time is over and the unit can be used at optimal accuracy.
  • Quality: Self-estimation of the accuracy based on the standard deviation of each output.
  • Used for solution: Show which input is accurate enough to be used by the Kalman filter



Aiding Input

Check the aidings are connected to the Inertial Unit

These status shows what aiding input are connected and
sending data to the inertial unit.

For instance a GPS should appear here even if there is no fix, as it will be sending empty frames to the unit. This is used to ensure the serial configuration is valid.



Check the serial interfaces

The activated input / output interfaces are shown here.

This can be used to check the serial port is not saturating when sending a lot of data at a specific baudrate.



Check the accelerometers and gyroscopes are functional


  • Communication: Shows if communication is possible between the processing unit and IMU
  • Built In Test (BIT): Constantly checks if the IMU is fully working or not.

Accelerometers and Gyroscopes

A Built In Test is continuously made on each sensor axis to ensure the sensor is functional.

Is also shows if one of the axis is in over-range in case of too high dynamics.


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