Qinertia GNSS/INS post processing software is also available as a REST API that runs on Amazon AWS servers. You can integrate a professional and cost effective GNSS/INS post processing software in your own solution with minimal efforts.

Qinertia Cloud API offers the sames features as Qinertia CLI including:

  • GNSS and INS processing modes
  • Support for any GNSS receiver and IMU
  • PPK single base station GNSS processing
  • World wide CORS base stations coverage
  • Post-processed Precise Point Positioning (PPP) to get centimeter level accuracy anywhere
  • World leading Virtual Base Station (VBS) processing mode
  • Corridor mapping over hundreds of kilometers with no artifact
  • Forward / backward / merge solutions to get best reliability and accuracy
  • Built in Photogrammetry pictures geo-tagging
  • Native support for DJI UAVs (P4 RTK, M3E, Zenmus P1, ...)
  • Automated INS lever arm estimation tools
  • Advanced PDF/JSON reporting

Qinertia Cloud API comes with a prepaid credits business model and you can easily buy credits online from MySBG portal. You only pay when you use the service and for the number of processed minutes.

Please read the dedicated API documentation and check out code samples to start using Qinertia Cloud API:

Qinertia Cloud API API Code Samples