The 1.5 firmware series brings support to ELLIPSE Micro hardware and validity thresholds. It also contains a lot of bug fixes and improve overall product stability.

This firmware remains fully backward compatible with previous firmware revisions.

Firmware package and upgrade

You can download the ELLIPSE firmware package compatible with ELLIPSE v1 and v2.

Please use the sbgFirmwareUpdater tool to update your device firmware and refer to the the firmware upgrade procedure for a step-by-step guide.

Download Firmware Archive

All updates for release 1.5.248-stable

Bug Fix

  • [ELIFW-419] - Fixed invalid handling of negative altitude on Airbus GPS-Info message

All updates for release 1.5.240-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-302] - Add a heavy machinery motion profile
  • [ELIFW-304] - Added support for ELLIPSE Micro M2 hardware

All updates for release 1.5.224-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-257] - Added support for new ELLIPSE2 micro hardware
  • [ELIFW-293] - Added support to ELLIPSE-E to externally configure an Ublox receiver


  • [ELIFW-275] - Add backward compatibility to NMEA protocol for GST disabled receivers


  • [ELIFW-236] - Fixed NMEA GST message generation
  • [ELIFW-261] - Fix Surge and Sway have values when main lever arm is entered
  • [ELIFW-263] - Fix a bug that could lead to improper internal GNSS initialization for ELLIPSE-N and D
  • [ELIFW-276] - Fixed invalid alignment flag in solution status for message SBG_ECAN_LOG_STATUS_03
  • [ELIFW-277] - Fixed invalid CPU status flag for message SBG_ECAN_LOG_STATUS_01
  • [ELIFW-278] - Fixed invalid CAN bus status for message SBG_ECAN_LOG_STATUS_02
  • [ELIFW-298] - Fix sync out bug for pulses with a duration greater than 65535 us
  • [ELIFW-299] - Fixed improper slew rate management for serial Port A, C and E