The 1.6 firmware series brings support to the new ELLIPSE-D hardware 2.x with an updated internal GNSS receiver. This new GNSS receiver allows the ELLIPSE-D to benefit from all GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, …) for better signal availability and RTK reliability.

This new GNSS receiver also features the most advanced on-board interface mitigation technology on the market to limit inter-equipment issues and urban jammers while reducing the power consumption to less than 1.5 Watts.

This new firmware release also contains bug fixes to improve the overall product stability and remains fully backward compatible with previous firmware revisions.

Firmware package and upgrade

Related SDK

This Ellipse firmware version is associated with Inertial SDK 4.3 release, please make sure you have install it before proceeding the upgrade and follow the firmware upgrade procedure.

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All changes for release 1.6.881-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-309] - Add support for new ELLIPSE-D with internal Septentrio GNSS receiver


  • [ELIFW-290] - Added OEM7 series Novatel logs for Post Processing in GNSS raw payload
  • [ELIFW-315] - Improved ELLIPSE-D internal GNSS initialization to reduce boot time


  • [ELIFW-314] - Fix GNSS protocol parsing that could hang if work buffer is filled with trash