The 1.9 firmware series is a major update that adds several important new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

The main new features and additions are listed below:

  • Updated World Magnetic Model to cover the 2020 to 2025 time frame
  • Up to now, ELLIPSE INS was continuously estimating and refining mechanical installation parameters such as GNSS primary and secondary lever arm antennas. Even if this behavior is great for ease of use, with the 1.7 release, it’s now possible to select the best behavior according to your use case and stop online lever arm estimation.
    • This can reduce the alignment time while improving the accuracy and stability of the system.
    • If you can’t measure precisely the lever arm (<2 cm) , you can use Qinertia to do it automatically
  • To better address the automotive market, the ELLIPSE can now output, over the CAN bus, several new quantities such as the velocity expressed in the vehicle frame (body), the slip angle as well as the curvature (turn radius).
  • Now, the ELLIPSE is also able to use vehicle’s odometer directly through the OBDII connector. This makes the ELLIPSE an outstanding INS for self driving cars and autonomous vehicles with incredible accuracy even in very dense urban environments.
  • Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) aiding has also been added to the ELLIPSE to enable INS grade subsea navigation at a very affordable price.
  • Finally, preparatory work has been done to fully support air data aiding. This new aiding source aims to improve ELLIPSE attitude and dead reckoning accuracy in case of GNSS drop out. The ELLIPSE is now able to receive and process external true air speed and barometric altitude. This a work in progress feature so please contact SBG Systems support team for more information

Firmware Download

You can download the ELLIPSE firmware package compatible with ELLIPSE v1 and v2.

Please use the sbgFirmwareUpdater tool to update your device firmware and refer to the the firmware upgrade procedure for a step-by-step guide.

Download Firmware Archive

This firmware is only compatible with ELLIPSE v1 and v2 hardware.

All changes for release 1.9.1433-stable


  • [ELIFW-530] - Fixed NMEA ZDA message that had an additional field

All changes for release 1.9.1425-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-461] - Added in SBG_ECOM_CMD_FEATURES gnss firmware version field


  • [ELIFW-413] - Improved off-board magnetic calibration when experiencing high roll and pitch angles


  • [ELIFW-447] – Fix CAN odometer inputs not decoded with extended IDs
  • [ELIFW-479] - Fix ELLIPSE2-D PPS conf not applied for Septentrio GNSS with firmware 4.7.1

All changes for release 1.9.618-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-423] - Update World Magnetic Model to 2020 version
  • [ELIFW-432] - Add specific SBG_ECOM_THIRD_PARTY_ADA_01 output log


  • [ELIFW-417] - Updated general purpose motion profile to improve robustness


  • [ELIFW-419] - Fixed invalid handling of negative altitude on Airbus GPS-Info message
  • [ELIFW-420] - Fixed invalid baseline indication on Novatel HDT message output
  • [ELIFW-430] - Fix AHRS-500 euler rate to body rotation rates
  • [ELIFW-438] - Fix a bug in UTC to decimal year computation leading to slight magnetic declination offset