Due to an issue causing some Heading instability, we strongly recommend not to use this version. Please use the latest stable release instead.

The 2.x firmware introduces support for new ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware. It brings many performance improvements by taking advantage of a more powerful 64 bit CPU allowing double precision computations and more complex algorithms.

A lot of code has been reworked to improve the overall quality, stability, reliability of the sensor and especially regarding how the time is managed.

The main new features and additions are listed below:

  • Adds support for new ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware
  • Improved accuracy and performance with an updated Extended Kalman Filter using double precision numbers for all operations for ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware. This also improve the filter stability and reliability in difficult conditions and during low dynamics.
  • This firmware includes the latest World Magnetic Model to cover the 2020 to 2025 time frame
  • Improved UTC and PPS time management to better cop with noisy PPS signals

Firmware Download

You can download the ELLIPSE firmware package compatible with ELLIPSE v3.

Please use the sbgFirmwareUpdater tool to update your device firmware and refer to the the firmware upgrade procedure for a step-by-step guide.

Download Firmware Archive

For now, the 2.2 firmware is ONLY compatible with ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware and should NOT be applied on ELLIPSE Series 1 or 2.

Changes for release 2.2.41-stable


  • [ELIFW-530] - Fixed NMEA ZDA message that had an additional field

Changes for release 2.2.39-stable

New Features

  • [ELIFW-485] - Add in SBG_ECOM_CMD_ADVANCED_CONF a GNSS option bitmask
  • [ELIFW-501] - Added specific NMEA like output log WASSP
  • [ELIFW-514] - Add support to latest ELLIPSE marine v3.2 & 3.3 hardware revision Improvement


  • [ELIFW-317] - Improve operation in long term static conditions in Vertical gyro mode
  • [ELIFW-510] - Added GGA output fields num SV, Diff Age and Base Station id


  • [ELIFW-503] - Fix IMU short output issue when IMU data is also enabled
  • [ELIFW-508] - Fixed VTG Magnetic course over ground
  • [ELIFW-516] - Fixed RS-232/RS-422 mode detection on Port A for ELLIPSE OEM

Changes for release 2.1.94-stable


  • [ELIFW-500] - Fix Novatel GNSS Binary Frame not decoded

Changes for release 2.1.84-stable


  • [ELIFW-498] - Fix Sync Out A pin not correctly driving for ELLIPSE A/E Box v3

Changes for release 2.1.54-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-475] - Add Sync In D support for ELLIPSE-N/D Series 3 OEM version
  • [ELIFW-492] - Add support for ELLIPSE-A/E v3 OEM versions


  • [ELIFW-491] - Now, NMEA messages return empty fields if invalid


  • [ELIFW-493] - Fix X/Y axis inversion for ELLIPSE-A/E v3 (box version only)

Changes for release 2.1.28-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-486] - Added support for ELLIPSE-E v3
  • [ELIFW-487] - Now ELLIPSE-N and D can accept RTCM corrections over Port A

Changes for release 2.0.240-stable

New Feature

  • [ELIFW-424] - Add support for new ELLIPSE-D Series 3
  • [ELIFW-428] - Added in SBG_ECOM_LOG_GPS#_POS status report for all GNSS constellations
  • [ELIFW-440] - Add status to SBG_ECAN_MSG_AUTO_TRACK_SLIP_CURV (0x220) message
  • [ELIFW-441] - Add Cobham AT_ITINS output log support
  • [ELIFW-445] - Add support for new ELLIPSE-N Series 3 with RTK capabilities
  • [ELIFW-461] - Added in SBG_ECOM_CMD_FEATURES gnss firmware version field


  • [ELIFW-253] - Improve gyroscopes and accelerometers over range detection
  • [ELIFW-413] - Improved off-board magnetic calibration when experiencing high roll and pitch angles
  • [ELIFW-436] - Improved generator / UTC alignment to plain seconds
  • [ELIFW-443] - Improved PPS clock alignment accuracy and UTC time management
  • [ELIFW-473] - Increased maximum curvature radius from 100 to 1000 meters

Removed Feature

  • [ELIFW-427] - Removed support for deprecated model ID commands 06, 10, 16
  • [ELIFW-457] - Removed legacy IG-500 protocol support
  • [ELIFW-468] - Removed auto configuration of ublox Max M8 for ELLIPSE-E