The 2.x firmware introduces support for new ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware. It brings many performance improvements by taking advantage of a more powerful 64 bit CPU allowing double precision computations and more complex algorithms.

A lot of code has been reworked to improve the overall quality, stability, reliability of the sensor and especially regarding how the time is managed.

The main new features and additions are listed below:

  • Adds support for new ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware
  • Improved navigation filter accuracy for ELLIPSE Series 3 hardware with double precision numbers
  • Improve the filter stability and reliability in difficult conditions and during low dynamics
  • This firmware includes the latest World Magnetic Model to cover the 2020 to 2025 time frame
  • Improved UTC and PPS time management to better cop with noisy PPS signals

Firmware Compatibility

This firmware is compatible and intended to work with the following applications and libraries versions:

  • Inertial SDK 7.3 and above
  • sbgCenter 3.4 and above
  • sbgECom 3.1 and above

ELLIPSE Compatibility

This firmware is compatible with all ELLIPSE versions and hardware revisions.

Firmware Download

You can download this release as a zip archive containing the firmware, instructions as well as a CLI tool to update it.

  Download Firmware Archive

Changes for release 2.5.208-stable

Bug Fixes

  • ELIFW-587 - Fix NMEA GST frame returning more fields than expected when empty

  • ELIFW-596 - Fix accelerometers startup self test that could fail at high temperature