This firmware brings several improvements and bug fixes for ELLIPSE firmware 2.x series.

This release is is compatible with all ELLIPSE hardware and is recommended to all users.

Default Settings

The firmware default output log configuration has been updated to avoid Tx saturation on ELLIPSE-D with heave option.

The logs SBG_ECOM_LOG_EKF_QUAT and SBG_ECOM_LOG_IMU_DATA have been reduced from 50Hz to 25Hz.

Firmware Compatibility

This firmware is compatible and intended to work with the following applications and libraries versions:

  • Inertial SDK 9.0 and above
  • sbgCenter 4.0 and above
  • sbgECom 4.0 and above

ELLIPSE Compatibility

This firmware is compatible with all ELLIPSE versions and hardware revisions.

Firmware Download

You can download below the sbgFirmwareUpdater setup package for Windows and Linux platforms. The sbgFirmwareUpdater tool is bundled with the ELLIPSE firmware to ease the update procedure.

You can also download the firmware with a CLI tool as a ZIP archive.

Download for Windows Download for Linux Download Firmware Archive

Changes for release 2.6.132-stable


  • ELIFW-607 - Updated default output log configuration to avoid port saturation
  • ELIFW-608 - Reworked sensor filtering to improve behavior in vibrating environments
  • ELIFW-611 - Add differential 'D' fix type support for NMEA RMC message

Bug Fixes

  • ELIFW-601 - Fixed heading alignment in case of backward velocity with odometer aiding

  • ELIFW-605 - Added missing HDT_BASELINE_VALID status flag for CAN output message