Update Procedure


Connect the Ellipse to the computer and launch the sbgFirmwareUpdater tool which is part of the SDK.

You can now choose to update the device with the latest firmware (which comes with the SDK) or with a specific firmware file.

There is also an option to restore the settings to the factory default settings if needed. This option will not reset the firmware to the original one, it will only reset the configuration.

When you click Next, after choosing the COM port and baud rate to use, you will see the device information and the chosen firmware information if it is different from what is already installed.

A newer firmware will require the use of a compatible sbgCenter that comes with the matching SDK. We recommend using the latest SDK and firmware available.

It is generally NOT recommended to downgrade a firmware. In case you experience any issue with a newer firmware, please contact our support team prior to reverting the firmware version to an older revision. There might be a better solution.

Once the firmware update is finished, click on "Finish" and then disconnect and reconnect the device to reboot it.