Product overview

The Ellipse series is a line of miniature, high-performance MEMS based Inertial Systems which achieve exceptional orientation and navigation performance in a miniature and affordable package. It includes an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and runs an on-board enhanced Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). The Ellipse line is divided in a comprehensive set of sensors:

● The Ellipse-A version is an attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), providing accurate orientation in dynamic conditions.

● The Ellipse-E is an inertial Navigation System (INS), providing both orientation and navigation data using an external GNSS receiver. It can also be coupled with an odometer or DVL for improved navigation performance and embeds a barometric altimeter.

● The ELLIPSE-N and D are Inertial Navigation Systems with an integrated multi-band and multi-constellation GNSS receiver. They are capable of delivering outstanding performance with centimeter precision (RTK) and RAW data output for post-processing applications.

● The ELLIPSE-D also features a dual antenna heading delivering robust and accurate heading angle in the most challenging conditions. It's therefore capable of operating in low and high dynamic environments.

All four versions of the Ellipse are available in:

  • Boxed version: miniature sensor in its iconic red enclosure. Ready to use and integrate with EMC protection, IP68 certification, simple to use connectivity with a large sets of cables.
  • OEM version: miniature sensor with a basic non hermetic aluminium enclosure and LvTTL connectivity. For large scale integrations where size and weight matters.

Both Boxed and OEM versions include the same features and configurations options.

Ellipse-A, Ellipse-E, Ellipse-N and Ellipse-D boxed

Ellipse-D in Boxed and OEM versions

To achieve the best performance in every project, specific error models have been implemented to meet applications requirements. Sensor configuration is made easy through the sbgCenter interface, provided in the SDK. The Ellipse supports both a proprietary binary protocol offering most messages, but also standard protocols such as NMEA for direct integration into existing applications.

The Ellipse series is Form/Fit/Function compatible with the first and second generation of Ellipse sensors.

Ellipse Overview

The following diagram shows the basic organization of an Ellipse.

Ellipse simplified block diagram