RoHS statement

SBG Systems product lines comply with European Union (EU) Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive).

RoHS declaration of conformity:

REACH statement

SBG Systems product lines comply with REACH regulation no. 1907/2006/EC.

REACH declaration of conformity:

WEEE statement

SBG Systems product lines comply with the European Union (EU) Directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The purpose of this Directive is the prevention of waste electrical and electronic equipment,and in addition, the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of such wastes so as to reduce the disposal of waste.

If purchased in the European Union, please return the products at the end of its life to the supplier from which it was purchased.

Warranty, liability and return procedure

SBG Systems provides a warranty covering this product against any defect in materials or manufacture for the period specified below, starting from the date of shipment. In the event that such a defect becomes obvious during the stipulated warranty period, SBG Systems will undertake, at its sole discretion, either to repair the defective product, bearing the cost of all parts and labor, or to replace it with an identical product.

In order to avail itself of this warranty, Customer must notify SBG Systems of the defect before expiry of the warranty period and take all steps necessary to enable SBG Systems to proceed. Upon reception of required information (serial number, defect description), SBG Systems will issue an RMA and will provide return instructions. Customer shall be responsible for the packaging and the shipment of the defective product to the repair center notified by SBG Systems, the cost of such shipment being borne by Customer.

This warranty shall not be construed as covering defects, malfunctions or damages caused by improper use or inadequate maintenance of the product. Under no circumstances shall SBG Systems be due to provide repair or replacement under this warranty in order a) to repair damage caused by work done by any person not representing SBG Systems for the installation, repair or maintenance of the product; b) to repair damage caused by improper use or connection to incompatible equipment, and specifically, the opening of the housing of the equipment under warranty shall cause the warranty to be automatically canceled.

This warranty covers the product here under and is provided by SBG Systems in place of all and any other warranty whether expressed or implied. SBG Systems does not guarantee the suitability of the product under warranty for sale or any specific use.

SBG Systems' liability is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products, this being the sole remedy open to Customer in the event the warranty becomes applicable. SBG Systems cannot be held liable for indirect, special, subsequent or consequential damage, irrespective of whether SBG Systems has or has not received prior notification of the risk of occurrence of such damage.

Warranty duration:

The products and accessories are under warranty for the following period (unless stated otherwise in the quotation/invoice), starting from the date of shipment:

  • Inertial Sensors (All models of Ellipse, Ekinox, Apogee, Quanta, Horizon, PULSE): Two (2) years
  • Navsight: Two (2) years
  • Antennas: One (1) year
  • Cables and Accessories: Ninety (90) days

Warranty extension

SBG systems offers warranty extension beyond the standard duration of warranty.

This extension is only applicable to the rugged sensors (Ellipse series/ Ekinox Series / Apogee Series and Navsight Series), and excludes the accessories.

The Warranty Extension Duration can be:

  • 12 Months (36 Months coverage total)
  • 24 Months (48 Months coverage total)
  • 36 Months (60 Months coverage total)

The Warranty Extension can only be purchased at hardware order. The full purchase price for the Warranty Extension is paid at the purchase date of the concerning Equipment and is non-refundable. 

Get in touch with SBG or your distributor to check if the product you are purchasing is eligible to a warranty extension.

OEM sensors and warranty extensions

Due to the fact that the durability of non-rugged OEM sensors (Ellipse Micro, Ellipse OEM, PULSE-40, Quanta) is directly correlated to the integration performed by our clients, we do not offer a generic warranty extension for these sensors.

In case you need an extended warranty for these sensors, please get in touch with our sales representative to define the conditions that apply.