Quanta Micro is a printed circuit board and features a board to board connector as main interface for rapid integration.

Quanta Micro is an OEM product and is not intended to be used outdoors. 


Dimensions50 x 37 x 23 mm


38 g
Mounting Holes4x Ø 2.6 mm, clear holes for M2 screws

Sensor Coordinate System

Directions of sensors axes

The inertial frame is defined as a standard right-handed North, East, Down (NED) frame (X,Y,Z) as represented in the picture.

According to the “Right Hand Rule”, the rotations are positive clockwise in the axis direction as represented on the picture below.

Origin of measurements

Because the Quanta Micro integrates several MEMS accelerometers, it integrates a built-in size effect compensation and as a result a ‘virtual’ reference point has been chosen to define the Origin of Measurements Point.

The origin of measurements, is the point where the inertial frame, as defined by the accelerometers triad, intersect. 

The Origin of Measurement Point is represented by the red target on the drawings below.

Mechanical Drawing


The pin numbering may not be the same as the one used by the connector manufacturer. Please refer to SBG provided pin numbering (in drawings)

CAD Models (STEP file)



SBG Systems manufacturing process is based on EN-9100 system with individual and full traceability of every component and operation. Each unit is identified by a unique serial number that can be used to trace all operations during the product lifetime such as manufacturing, calibration, tests and repairs.

In addition to a unique serial number, a product code is used to define exactly the device type, options, configuration. You can find on the side of the product a laser printed label that holds all these identification information. This label also includes a data-matrix code that encodes the device unique serial number.