Power Supply

To supply power to the Quanta module, it is recommended to select a power supply with 500mA average and 1000mA peak current capabilities in 5.0 V.

Note that optimal power consumption is obtained at 5.0V input.

Serial ports connection guidelines

As Quanta hardware delivers LVTTL inputs and outputs, the serial interfaces should be driven to an appropriate transceiver in case of communication with external equipment.

Low distance communication can be performed in LVTTL format.

Ethernet Interface

The micro module can be interfaced with other Ethernet peripherals in different ways.

When the connection involves a long distance communication (typically, when there is a cable), the first implementation is required. When the device is located on the same electronic board, it is possible to select an easy circuit with capacitors.


The processing micro module does not integrate a CAN bus driver. Therefore, a driver integration is required in case the CAN bus output is used in user application.

The following schematic shows a typical driver integration.

LED integration

The Quanta module integrates LED output pins to ensure basic HMI functions:

  • GNSS status LEDs
  • INS status LEDs

The LEDs output pins are defined as 1 = LED ON; 0V = LED OFF. For each, a LED A signal corresponds to a GREEN light and LED B corresponds to a RED light. Both signals should be put in a single LED component in order to achieve the corresponding color code :

LEDColor Code
GNSS LEDOFF : No GNSS available
BLINKING RED : Unknown positioning mode
RED : Standalone mode
BLINKING ORANGE : DGNSS with RTCM data older than 10 seconds
ORANGE : Stable DGNSS mode with optimal RTCM age
BLINKING GREEN : Float RTK or PPP solution
GREEN : Fixed RTK or PPP solution (centimetric accuracy)
INS LEDOFF : Kalman filter is not yet initialized
BLINKING RED : Vertical gyro / AHRS mode in alignment phase
RED : Vertical gyro / AHRS in aligned mode
BLINKING ORANGE : INS, in alignment phase. INS outputs are not all in "valid state"
ORANGE : INS is aligned but Position/Velocity/Attitude/Heading are not all in "valid state"
BLINKING GREEN : INS, in alignment mode. INS outputs are all in "valid state"
GREEN : INS, is aligned and Position/Velocity/Attitude/Heading are all in "valid state"

A typical design to interface the LEDs is proposed below :