Product overview

Quanta Plus is a high performance GNSS aided Inertial Navigation System (INS), capable of operating in a wide range of land, marine and airborne applications. Quanta Plus is particularly suitable for UAV and land based surveying applications thanks to its exceptional performance level even in harsh GNSS environments.

Its board level packaging and its outstanding SWAP enables tight integration into the most constrained applications.

The tactical grade IMU minimizes errors during challenging or denied GNSS conditions while the low sensor noise provides outstanding orientation performance. Quanta Plus will particularly fit with low dynamic and single antenna heading operation.

Quanta Plus embeds a multi-frequency, quad constellations, triple frequency, dual antenna survey grade GNSS receiver, capable of delivering centimeter level accuracy, even in challenging GNSS conditions. Although Quanta Plus is comfortable with single antenna operation, an optional secondary antenna enables use in the lowest dynamic conditions.

Quanta Plus embeds dedicated motion profiles for each type of vehicle, tuning the sensor fusion algorithms for each applications.