Update Procedure

Normal firmware update

Access your product web interface and go to the Information panel.

You can now use the Upload firmware button to select the firmware located in the firmware package you have downloaded:

Wait while the firmware is being uploaded and validated by the product.

In case you upgrade a firmware from a version below 3.0 to a 3.x and higher, you will need to proceed first with the Failsafe Firmware upgrade

It is generally NOT recommended to downgrade a firmware. In case you experience any issue with a newer firmware, please contact our support team prior to reverting firmware version to an older revision. There might be better solutions.

Failsafe firmware update

In some conditions, it may be necessary to use a fail safe firmware upgrade procedure.

First, install failsafe firmware

In this case, You need first to upload a firmware called xxxx_Failsafe.sar using the web interface (Upload firmware button).

Wait while the firmware is being uploaded and validated by the product.

Second, install normal firmware

The web interface should refresh automatically to display the fail-safe page.

You can now select the firmware itself to upload and install it. This operation can take some time as the firmware is quite large (100 Mo).

Please wait and don’t refresh the web page until all operations are completed. After 1 to 2 minutes, the device should restart automatically in normal mode.

The web page should be also automatically refreshed. However, if it’s not the case, just refresh manually the web page.

You should land on the standard web interface.

Internal GNSS firmware update

If your product has an internal Septentrio GNSS receiver such as EKINOX-D, APOGEE-D, NAVSIGHT-S or QUANTA units, you may have an additional step.

You will see a progress dialog during the whole GNSS firmware upgrade process.

This operation can take up to 20 minutes and should NOT be interrupted before it’s completed.