Pulse-40 is a miniature, 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF), tactical grade Inertial measurement unit, designed for a wide range of applications.

Based on a redundant integration of MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, the Pulse-40 features a unique set of benefits for a so small inertial measurement unit:

  • Low sensor noise and high bandwidth (480Hz) and high data rate (up to 2KHz) is perfectly aligned with stabilization applications requirements
  • A low gyro bias instability (0.8°/h), ideal for dead reckoning and other navigation applications
  • A design tailored for vibrating environments, thanks to an ultra low Vibration Rectification Error and a robust aluminum enclosure.
  • A wide temperature range of operation (-40 to 85 °C), with full performance warranty, thanks to an extensive calibration procedure, compensating for
  • A redundant sensor design improves performance and robustness as it enables the Continuous Built-in-Test functionality. Ideal for critical applications
  • An optimal SWAP-C with 30x28x13mm and weighting only 12g.
  • 2 years warranty
  • Advanced synchronization features

Block diagram

The following block diagram gives an overview of functions running in real-time in the Pulse-40.

A redundant set of three axes gyroscopes and accelerometers is sampled at a very high rate by the onboard microprocessor. The sensors measurement are controlled by a Continuous Built-in Test to ensure the quality of sensor measurement.

Advanced synchronization inputs and outputs features are handled by an internal clock and interrupt manager, and outputs can be generated at a very high rate of up to 2KHz on the UART interface.