This Software Development Kit Release add support to the new Navsight product line. It also includes latest firmware, tools, drivers, documentations and C code samples.

It also improve the performance, reliability and add support for latest features.

Import highlights from this release

  • Added support for Navsight
  • Updated documentations for latest firmware
  • Updated documentations for Qinertia
  • Includes latest ELLIPSE firmware 1.6
  • Includes latest EKINOX & APOGEE firmware 2.0

Download and install

The Inertial SDK release can be downloaded right here. The Unix SDK is also available and contains libraries.

Download Inertial SDK Download Unix SDK


New Feature

  • [INSDK-54] - Add support for Navsight product line with documentations
  • [INSDK-55] - Add support for ELLIPSE-D new hardware 2.x with updated GNSS receiver
  • [INSDK-56] - Updated sbgCenter to revision 2.8.62-stable to support latest products and firmware
  • [INSDK-57] - Updated sbgECom library to revision 1.10.3692-stable
  • [INSDK-58] - Updated Firmware Reference Manual to version 1.8
  • [INSDK-59] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to version 1.6.881-stable
  • [INSDK-60] - Updated EKINOX and APOGEE firmware to v2.0.394-stable


  • [INSDK-61] - Updated ELLIPSE Operating Handbooks
  • [INSDK-62] - Updated Ekinox & Apogee Operating Handbooks
  • [INSDK-63] - Added Qinertia Post Processing Operating Handbooks
  • [INSDK-64] - Updated sbgPostProcessExporter to support new Navsight IMU short logs

Bug fixes

  • [INSDK-53] - Updated sbgFirmwareUpdater to fix potential issues during ELLIPSE firmware update

All updates for release 4.2

Bug fixes

  • [INSDK-52] - Updated sbgCenter to version 2.7.165-stable

All updates for release 4.1

New Feature

  • [INSDK-39] - Updated SplitBox User Manual to version 1.2
  • [INSDK-40] - Updated Firmware Reference Manual to version 1.7
  • [INSDK-41] - Updated EKINOX and APOGEE firmware to v2.0.297-stable
  • [INSDK-42] - Updated EKINOX2 Subsea hardware manual
  • [INSDK-43] - Updated Bonjour to version
  • [INSDK-44] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to version 1.5.240-stable
  • [INSDK-45] - Updated sbgCenter to version 2.7.153-stable
  • [INSDK-46] - Updated Technical Reference Manual to version 1.3
  • [INSDK-47] - Updated ELLIPSE Micro Quick Start for M2 option
  • [INSDK-48] - Updated ELLIPSE Micro Hardware Manual to version 1.1
  • [INSDK-49] - Updated sbgECom library to version 1.9.706-stable

All updates for release 4.0

New Feature

  • [INSDK-30] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to version 1.5.224-stable
  • [INSDK-31] - Added support for ELLIPSE Micro product line
  • [INSDK-32] - Added support for EKINOX2 product line
  • [INSDK-33] - Updated documentations to latest revisions
  • [INSDK-34] - Updated sbgECom to version 1.8.2916-stable
  • [INSDK-36] - sbgCenter change log is now accessible directly from the application help menu
  • [INSDK-37] - Added firmware change logs in the documentation folder
  • [INSDK-38] - Updated sbgCenter to version 2.6.115-stable

All updates for release 3.6.1

New Feature

  • [INSDK-28] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to version 1.3.97-stable
  • [INSDK-29] - Updated sbgCenter to version 2.4.96-stable

All updates for release 3.6

New Feature

  • [INSDK-25] - Added brand new sbgNetworkDiag version 1.0.71-beta
  • [INSDK-24] - Added support for new ELLIPSE2 hardware
  • [INSDK-23] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to version 1.3.85-stable
  • [INSDK-22] - Updated sbgCenter to version 2.4.92-stable
  • [INSDK-20] - Updated sbgECom to version 1.7.235-stable
  • [INSDK-17] - Added driver to support new ELLIPSE USB to Serial Converters

Bug fixes

  • [INSDK-21] - Fixed invalid driver installation during the setup
  • [INSDK-19] - Improved code signing to avoid installation issues when no internet connection is available
  • [INSDK-18] - Fix invalid file association for sbgCenter recording files .sbg

All updates for release 3.5.0

New Feature

  • [INSDK-10] - Added new tool to change network settings for Ekinox & Apogee (sbgNetworkDiag)

Bug fixes

  • [INSDK-9] - Fixed improper new SDK version checker within the sbgCenter


  • [INSDK-16] - Updated all documentations organization with unified Technical Reference Manual and Hardware Manuals
  • [INSDK-15] - Updated sbgECom library and examples to version 1.5.209-stable
  • [INSDK-14] - Updated sbgPostProcessExporter to rev 1.2.3791 to support larger raw GNSS data and bug fixes
  • [INSDK-13] - Added SplitBox User Manual and 3D models
  • [INSDK-12] - Added Apogee User Manual and 3D models
  • [INSDK-11] - Updated sbgCenter to rev 2.2.183 for Apogee support, bug fixes and new features