The Inertial SDK is a set of applications, tools, drivers and libraries to easily evaluate, configure and integrate SBG Systems IMU, AHRS and INS products:

Inertial SDK Content

The Inertial SDK is a Windows only application suite that contains the following software:

  • sbgCenter configuration and analysis software
  • sbgDataLogger easily log your product data, connect to NTRIP to enable RTK precision
  • sbgFirmwareUpdater to upgrade ELLIPSE firmware
  • sbgNetworkDiag to configure and troubleshoot Ethernet connection for High Performance INS (EKINOX, APOGEE, NAVSIGHT, QUANTA)

Don't forget to checkout the sbgECom Library on GitHub for:

  • sbgECom C Library to easily integrate SBG Systems IMU, AHRS and INS with minimal code
  • sbgBasicLogger tool to read and convert INS binary data to CSV files
  • sbgEComApi tool to access the sbgInsRestApi over a serial interface and using simple command line interface (CLI)

Linux / Mac OS X users

SBG Systems provides several tools such as the sbgDataLogger,  sbgFirmwareUpdater,  sbgBasicLogger and sbgEComApi for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The sbgECom C library is also platform independent with pre-built examples for each platform.

You can download the sbgECom library and associated tools directly on the sbgECom GitHub Repository

SDK releases

You can find all the Inertial SDK downloads and release notes below.

Available Releases