The 4.2 firmware is an important evolution over the 4.0 firmware versions. This firmware adds support the latest SBG Systems INS hardware such as the Quanta Micro and brings many improvements, new features and bug fixes.

This update is strongly recommended to all Ekinox, Apogee, Navsight and Quanta users to get the best performance and experience.

You can download and install this new firmware release for free from the link below:

Download Firmware  

Upgrading from 4.0 and older

If you are upgrading from a firmware 4.0 or older, you should first install the failsafe firmware before you can install the correct firmware type package.

Please refer to the dedicated Update Procedure for a step by step guide.

Additional Notes

Firmware Type

This new firmware release, introduces a firmware type and you should install the right firmware type for your hardware. Please read the Update Procedure to get more details about firmware type and step-by-step instructions to update your device firmware.

Firmware 4.1

The 4.1 firmware was only released for the new Quanta Micro hardware and was not made public. You can find, in the change log below, both the 4.1.6461-stable and 4.2.240-stable change logs.

If you upgrade from a 4.0 or older firmware, please read both change logs.

Ekinox 2 Web Interface

In this release we have unified how a user can access the Ekinox internal web interface. Previously EKINOX products were accessed using either ekinox or ekinox2 friendly name. Now, you should only use ekinox for all EKINOX products.

All high performance INS products use mDns/Bonjour service discovery so a user can access the built in web interface without knowing the device IP address. The user simply has to type, in a web browser, the url below where ######### should be replaced by the unique INS serial number:


Release 4.2.242-stable


  • [EKIFW-2222] - Improve Navsight Horizon position performance

Bug Fixes

  • [EKIFW-2219] - Fix NMEA GNSS receiver integration when vertical velocity is not available
  • [EKIFW-2220] - Fix failed processing when estimating lever arm / alignment with a wrong secondary lever arm
  • [EKIFW-2221] - Fix the velocity heading initialization in case of very low velocity
  • [EKIFW-2224] - Improved Navigation Filter abnormal detection and filter reset when using RTK

Release 4.2.240-stable

New Features

  • [EKIFW-2179] - Add supported API version to the device information
  • [EKIFW-2180] - Add support for Quanta v2 hardware
  • [EKIFW-2194] - Add support for new APOGEE hardware revision 3


  • [EKIFW-2176] - Optimize ublox GNSS signals filtering settings
  • [EKIFW-2192] - Updated support output preset to include visible satellite list
  • [EKIFW-2197] - Improve bootloader resilience in case of corrupted file system
  • [EKIFW-2215] - sbgECom: Enforce deprecated SBG_ECOM_LOG_STATUS reserved1/2/3 field to zero values

Bug Fixes

  • [EKIFW-2181] - Fix GSV frame generation and satellite reporting

  • [EKIFW-2187] - Fix ARP to APC offset not taken into account for Quanta Micro

  • [EKIFW-2190] - Fix invalid Quanta Micro default settings

  • [EKIFW-2199] - Fix septentrio firmware upgrades with older firmware versions

  • [EKIFW-2210] - Fix NMEA GST frame returning more fields than expected when empty

  • [EKIFW-2212] - Firmware type checks should be ignored for failsafe firmware

Release 4.1.6461-stable

New Features

  • [EKIFW-2133] - Add a new PSBGA NMEA message that output the INS atitude
  • [EKIFW-2108] - Firmware: Introduce a firmware type to reduce size with specialized firmware per GNSS receiver
  • [EKIFW-2098] - Add support for the Teledyne Wayfinder DVL protocol
  • [EKIFW-2092] - Add a new pedestrian motion profile
  • [EKIFW-2091] - Add a new UAV motion profile
  • [EKIFW-2080] - REST API: Add a path to return SV status & info
  • [EKIFW-2026] - Support Hardware revision 4.0 on Ekinox D 
  • [EKIFW-1962] - Add a message containing satellite information
  • [EKIFW-1557] - Add SSL/TLS support to the NTRIP client
  • [EKIFW-777] - Add EKF smart position type to the web interface


  • [EKIFW-2151] - Updated mDNS/Bonjour name from ekinox2_#########.local to ekinox_#########.local for EKINOX2 products
  • [EKIFW-2125] - Added a "Railway" motion profile for train applications
  • [EKIFW-2124] - Software license installation action is now available in web interface administration settings
  • [EKIFW-2115] - Enable SBAS positioning mode on Navsight-S with Ax4-Fg GNSS receivers
  • [EKIFW-2107] - Update Sepentrio GNSS receivers to version 4.12.0 for all product lines
  • [EKIFW-2104] - Report Marinestar ID for PPP Fugro capable devices
  • [EKIFW-2089] - Parse the NMEA GSV SNR value as the L1 signal
  • [EKIFW-2074] - Improved missing PPS signal reporting to avoid flooding error log
  • [EKIFW-2072] - Align GNSS accuracy output behavior between all GNSS receivers
  • [EKIFW-2036] - Reduced in rush current during product startup
  • [EKIFW-2034] - Reduce PTP offset
  • [EKIFW-2024] - Improve septentrio boot procedure
  • [EKIFW-2023] - Add support for dynamic reconfiguration of the adaptive timer
  • [EKIFW-2015] - Update JQuery from 1.11.1 to 1.12.4 to address potential vulnerabilities
  • [EKIFW-1896] - Add NMEA GSV ouput message to report internal GNSS SV

Bug Fixes

  • [EKIFW-2174] - Improve waiting for installed firmware in failsafe mode
  • [EKIFW-2173] - Fix NMEA reception on UDP interfaces
  • [EKIFW-2171] - Fix UDP packet loss with external Trimble receiver
  • [EKIFW-2168] - Fix Septentrio receiver identification and firmware selection
  • [EKIFW-2165] - Fix typo in Galileo E5 signal name
  • [EKIFW-2162] - Web: Fix inconsistent error message when settings panel can't be opened
  • [EKIFW-2159] - Fix default data logger settings to match support preset
  • [EKIFW-2157] - Fix support for sbgECom network & indentification related commands
  • [EKIFW-2155] - Fix web interface NTRIP status with improved layout
  • [EKIFW-2152] - Web: Fix typo in navigation type enumerations
  • [EKIFW-2149] - Fixed firmware web interface issues and improved logic
  • [EKIFW-2145] - Make sure CAN messages are correctly filtered based on device features
  • [EKIFW-2099] - DVL: Correctly handle invalid DVL values
  • [EKIFW-2083] - Web: Fix identification of data logger black box mode
  • [EKIFW-2077] - Fix NMEA support for Hemisphere GNSS receivers
  • [EKIFW-2076] - Fix CAN bus freeze when there are several CAN devices on the bus
  • [EKIFW-2063] - Fix rare EMAC stalls (ie device not responding on the network anymore)
  • [EKIFW-2058] - Make sure failesafe firmware ignore user access rights
  • [EKIFW-2052] - Fix EKINOX-N/D & APOGEE-N/D to not allow PORT B conf. if internal receiver is used
  • [EKIFW-2043] - Fixed feature checking for the sbgInsRestApi
  • [EKIFW-2042] - Fix virtual odometer settings updates
  • [EKIFW-2033] - Fix u-blox leap second computation
  • [EKIFW-2029] - Fix swapped red and green LED colors on Quanta
  • [EKIFW-2022] - Web: Fix data logger configuration
  • [EKIFW-2017] - WEB: Fix the list of available clock references
  • [EKIFW-2008] - Fix DVL PD6 frame reception and parsing