The SBG Systems SDK is available on the Soft Developers Space. It contains various tools allowing to communicate and configure the sensors. Make sure that you installed it before going through this article.

Using sbgCenter

The quickest and easiest way if bonjour is running on your computer to recover the IP address of a sensor is to use the sbgCenter.

When using the connect feature (1) it will list you all sensors available on the network and display their IP address (3). If you select the corresponding device you can then connect to it (3).

Using sbgNetworDiag Tool

The sbgNetworkDiag tool located in the SDK installation folder ( C:\Program Files\SBG Systems\Inertial SDK\sbgNetworkDiag\bin\sbgNetworkDiag.exe) allows to find the IP address of their system, and also to configure it.

Once the tool is launched, you can select if you want to scan for a device via serial or Ethernet. The serial scan allows a customer to find or configure their system IP address even if their is an IP incompatibility that causes the system to not be found using Ethernet.

Once you select how to scan for the system you will access the IP information of the system that will allow you to connect to the system web interface or change your computer IP to be able to communicate with the system. You can also configure the system which will give 3 options:

  • Reboot the device.
  • Restore the settings to the factory default settings which include the Ethernet settings in addition to the other settings such as lever arms, motion profile, etc.
  • Review and change the device's network configuration.

If you choose to review and change the device's network configuration, the new window will allow you to configure the device in Static IP or DHCP, change the IP address, netmask, gateway, etc.

Once everything is configured as needed, click Apply to save the new configuration. The device will reboot after that.