The Inertial Software Development Kit version 7 is a major evolution compared to previous releases.

All the product documentation and resources such as 3D Step files are not available on this support center platform.

Import Highlights

  • New sbgDataLogger tool to log INS data and send RTCM corrections from a NTRIP client
  • New sbgBasicLogger and sbgEComApi tools as part of the sbgECom library
  • New pre-built sbgECom examples for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Added support for Quanta Micro
  • Improved sbgECom library organization and documentation
  • Latest ELLIPSE firmware unified for ELLIPSE hardware v1, v2 and v3
  • Latest sbgCenter to support new ELLIPSE features

Download and install

The Inertial SDK release can be downloaded right here. The Unix SDK is also available and contains libraries.

Download for Windows Linux/Mac OS X on GitHub

New Features

  • [INSDK-119] - Added support for Quanta Micro new products


  • [INSDK-117] - Updated ELLIPSE firmware to 2.4.312-stable

  • [INSDK-118] - Updated sbgCenter to 3.4.89-stable