This is a bug fix and maintenance release for the 4.0 High Performance INS firmware release.

Please read the page 4.0.168-stable to get all details about new features and improvements in the 4.0 series.

You can download and install this new firmware release for free using the link below:

Download Firmware Download Failsafe

Specific upgrade from 3.0 and older firmwares

If you upgrading from a firmware older than 3.0, you have to first download and install the failsafe firmware before you can install this firmware package.

Please refer to the dedicated failsafe Update Procedure for a step by step guide.

Release 4.0.278-stable

Bug Fixes

  • [EKIFW-2076] - Fix CAN bus freeze when there are several CAN devices on the bus
  • [EKIFW-2086] - Fix reception of differential corrections on ports COM A/B/C