This is a bug fix and maintenance release for the 4.2 High Performance INS firmware release.

This update is strongly recommended to all Ekinox, Apogee, Navsight and Quanta users to get the best performance and experience.

Please read the page 4.2.242-stable to get all details about new features and improvements in the 4.2 series.

You can download and install this new firmware release for free from the link below:

Download Firmware  

Upgrading from 4.0 and older

If you are upgrading from a firmware 4.0 or older, you should first install the failsafe firmware before you can install the correct firmware type package.

Please refer to the dedicated Update Procedure for a step by step guide.

Additional Notes

Firmware Type

Starting with firmware 4.2.x,a firmware type has been introduced. The firmware type let you know which firmware should be installed for your hardware. Please read the Update Procedure to get more details about firmware type and step-by-step instructions to update your device firmware.

Ekinox 2 Web Interface

In this release we have unified how a user can access the Ekinox internal web interface. Previously EKINOX products were accessed using either ekinox or ekinox2 friendly name. Now, you should only use ekinox for all EKINOX products.

All high performance INS products use mDns/Bonjour service discovery so a user can access the built in web interface without knowing the device IP address. The user simply has to type, in a web browser, the url below where ######### should be replaced by the unique INS serial number:


Release 4.2.253-stable


  • [EKIFW-2260] - Improved INS resilience to GNSS positions jumps when using SBAS positioning mode

  • [EKIFW-2261] - Improved resilience when the INS enter/exit RTK accurate mode

  • [EKIFW-2273] - Improved internal GNSS boot procedure

  • [EKIFW-2276] - Updated Septentrio motion profile to constraint more velocity & position

Bug Fixes

  • [EKIFW-2259] - Fix PULSE40 accelerometer initialization issues in rare circumstances

  • [EKIFW-2293] - Fix QZSS signal flags in sbgECom GPS logs